rebrand project

DIY car enthusiasts are not as widespread as they once were.

How can a parts business inspire the next generation
to get involved with car repair?

hear ye, hear ye

less cheesy logo

diagnostic tool
while there are already readout devices on the market,
autozone's device will provide deeper integration into their mobile ecosystem
and users will be able to access step-by-step instructions when they plug it into their phones

step 1: join the community
total beginners - or trainees - can attempt level 1 projects like changing a tire or fixing oil

step 2: let's suppose our hypothetical user wants to replace her brake pads

step 3: the app will provide tutorials & checklists as well as give her the opportunity
to easily connect with local users who are familiar with this type of repair

step 4: as she moves up the chain, she will have the opportunity to level up from trainee to rookie and beyond
as well as participate in local workshops

store reboot

you drive your car everyday, so you may not know the technical terms but
existing stores would feature shelving with recognizable symbols to make part shopping more intuitive

prototype store

new concept stores would be designed to encourage drivers to come in
and get their cars checked out if they notice something going on - an unnerving squeak when braking on the highway for example

Jake Broglio
Dennis Chen
Katie Cullinan
Nick Spinner
Lindsey Wade