Twinings of London
CW: Dean Weber AD: Jasmine McCrae

Twinings is getting boxed out of supermarket shelves by edgy new offerings with zen-inspired names like Harmonious Chai of Belonging and Stardust Oolong Revitalization. But it would be a sin for Twinings to abandon the fine British tea tradition that they practically invented. They even have a royal warrant to supply tea to the palace - and since the public is fascinated with the lives of royals, we decided to create a campaign that celebrates the real reason people get together and drink tea:


Ringers for tabloid covers would be placed in newspaper dispensers and Tube kiosks throughout London.

As Londoners descended underground for their morning commute they would open the newspapers to find - not a salacious story about the Queen - but in fact long Austenian copy spouting off about the fantastic situations Twinings gets itself into.

Social: Branded emojis, or "teamojis" that Twinings fans could use to share the latest gossip or chime in on the latest reality tv scandal

Limited edition mugs (with thermal messaging) & outrageous tea cozies would be released:

Introducing David

Last but not least, to get customers to engage with the brand and take a deeper dive into the world of tea, Twinings would create and maintain David - an advanced AI tea sommelier/chatbot with a snippy personality: